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вівторок / середа / четвер / неділя

В один бік Euro 23,00 - Зворотня подорож Euro 42,00 - (діти 30,00)  ●  Only with reservation.

виліт з Форио 8:00, Лакко Амено 8:10, Казамиччола 8:20, Іскія 8:40 ➜ виліт з Капри 16:00

п'ятниця / субота

В один бік Euro 23,00 - Зворотня подорож Euro 44,00 - (діти 31,00)  ●  Only with reservation.

виліт з Іскія 10:35. ➜ виліт з Капри 16:40

Судно + Guide + Transfer   Euro 60,00 - (Guide: Italian - German)  ●  (English тільки вівторок)
виліт з Форио 8:00, Лакко Амено 8:10, Казамиччола 8:20, Іскія 8:40

A minibus will drive you up to Anacapri, where you will visit the Villa San Michele built on the remains of a Roman villa by Axel Munthe, the noted author and physician. A cable car may take you up to Mount Solare, the highest point of Capri, with a breathtaking view of the island. After the lunch (extra) a minibus will bring you to the centre of Capri where you will visit the beautiful Augustus Gardens with another famous view of the Faraglioni rocks. (There is time to visit the Blue Grotto, if requested.) Return to the harbour of Capri by minibus and back to Ischia. (Extra Entrance tickets: Villa San Michele € 8,00 – Grotta Azzurra: € 14,00 )


Іскія (Tour around the Island)

[Half Day] - Trip by boat around the island of Ischia with 1 hour stop in S.Angelo.

понедiлок / середа / субота - Euro 22,00 (діти 16,00)  ●  Only with reservation.

виліт з Іскія 14:45, Казамиччола 14:55, Лакко Амено 15:05, Форио 15:30.


Іскія (Tour around the Island with swimming stop)

щоденний крім неділя - (Full Day) - Euro 50,00 (діти <10 years € 35,00)

виліт з Форио 10:00 ➜ Возвращение из море 16:30.  ●  Only with reservation.

The boat tour gives you a unique perspective on the island’s coast. You can admire the marvelous flora and fauna of the marine protect area. We make several stops around the island to give you the opportunity to swim in the crystal clear sea. As soon as you are on board a welcome italian coffee, at the first stop you will swimming and bruschetta. As a first course spaghetti with mussels or pasta with tomato sauce. Seasonal fruit. Water and wine


Прочида (Tour around the Island)

Tour around the island with 2 hour stop in Procida.

середа / п'ятниця - Euro 21,50 - діти Euro 17,00  ●  Only with reservation.

виліт з Форио 14:30, Лакко Амено 14:40, Казамиччола 14:50, Іскія 15:10 ➜ виліт з Прочида 18:30

Island tour by boat + Island tour with Minibus

п'ятниця - Euro 40,00 -

Prelevamento in Albergo e trasferimento al Porto per l'imbarco. Giro in motonave costeggiando le isole di Procida e Vivara. Sosta con sbarco al Porto di Marina Grande, inizio del tour con sistemazione in micro-taxi, durante il giro ci saranno varie soste panoramiche, dalla parte alta, Terra Murata, la zona più antica nonché la più alta dell’isola, fino a giungere, attraverso i caratteristici vicoletti antichi, all’altro versante di Procida, senza trascurare gli scorci mozzafiato che lasciano lo spettatore senza parole.

Амальфи – Позитано

вівторок / неділя - Euro 45,00 - діти Euro 35,00 - В один бік Euro 23,00  ●  Only with reservation.

виліт з Форио 8:00, Лакко Амено 8:10, Казамиччола 8:20, Іскія 8:40.

With 2 hour stop in Amalfi and 2 hour stop in Positano.


середа - Euro 40,00 - діти Euro 30,00 - В один бік Euro 23,00  ●  Only with reservation.

виліт з Форио 8:00, Лакко Амено 8:10, Казамиччола 8:20, Іскія 8:40 ➜ виліт з Сорренто 15:05


Іскія (Island Sightseeing by Bus)

Euro 18,00 - понедiлок / середа / п'ятниця - [afternoon - Half Day] (Guide: Italian - German)

Euro 18,00 - понедiлок - [morning - Half Day] - (Guide: English)

Euro 20,00 - понедiлок - [afternoon - Half Day] - (Guide: Russian)

Pick up from your Hotel around 2:30pm. roundtrip to the 6 villages of Ischia with stops at the most beautiful viewpoints of the island, 50 minutes free time in the village of S.Angelo.

Сорренто - Амальфи - Равелло

Euro 60,00 - вівторок / четвер (Guide: Italian - German)   ●  Only with reservation.

Euro 70,00 - п'ятниця (Guide: Russian)

Pick up from your Hotel at 6.00 a.m. approx. Departure by ferryboat to Naples. From Naples we take the highway to Castellammare and then the panoramic road to Sorrento where we will make a sightseeing tour and stay for approx. 40 minutes. We then continue our tour along the famous coastal road to Amalfi and make a stop of app. 30 minutes in the romantic resort of Positano. On our way we pass the Emerald Grotto which may be visited upon request and there will be ample time to take some pictures at the most beautiful sightseeing spots. In Amalfi itself we will have a lunch-break and visit the centre and the famous dome. We then leave the coast and drive up to Ravello. Here we will visit the most beautiful gardens at the Villa Rufolo which inspired Richard Wagner to complete his Parsifal and which today is the site of famous international concerts. From the gardens you may enjoy one of the most charming views of the gulf of Salerno. Return across the Lattari mountains and on the highway back to Naples. Then boarding for Ischia.

(Extra Entrance tickets: Villa Rufolo € 5,00 – Duomo di Amalfi € 3,00 )

Помпеи - Везувий

Euro 60,00 - середа / неділя (Guide: Italian - German)   ●  Only with reservation.

Euro 60,00 - середа (Guide: English) ● Euro 70,00 - середа (Guide: Russian)

Pick up from your Hotel at 6:00 a.m. circa. Departure by boat to the coast. We take the highway to Pompei, where a guided tour of app. 3 hours will take you through these unique excavations of the ancient Roman town which together with Ercolano was buried by the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 A.D. After the lunch break we will drive to the base of Mt. Vesuvius and from there a path leads up to the crater, where a local guide will accompany you. Return to Naples for boarding.

(Extra Entrance tickets: Помпеи € 11,00 - Везувий € 10,00 )


Euro 55,00 - п'ятниця (Guide: Italian) ● Euro 55,00 - п'ятниця (Guide: German)   ●  Only with reservation.

Pick up from your Hotel at 6.00 a.m. circa. Departure by ferryboat to Naples.

(Extra Entrance tickets: Chiostro Euro 6,00, Napoli sotterranea Euro 10,00)

Nitrodi spring

Euro 18,00 - вівторок / п'ятниця (Trasferimenti A/R + Ingresso + Maschera)(Guide: Italian)   ●  Only with reservation.

Prelevamento in albergo e trasferimento in Bus alla sorgente. Trascorrerete un pomeriggio indimenticabile a pieno contatto con la natura dell'isola, le sue antiche sorgenti naturali. Antichissima è la tradizione curativa della pelle di questa sorgente, risalente, addirittura, al periodo greco dell'isola (VIII sec.a.C.) come attesta il suo stesso nome. Le Ninfe Nitrodi, a cui la fonte era dedicata, sono ricordate in tutti I testi classici greco-latini, da Omero in poi. Tra una doccia e l'altra, inoltre, vi verrà offerta anche una maschera di fango termale al viso e avrete cosìì la possibilità di testare in prima persona le proprietà terapeutiche dell'oro di Ischia.

Mortella Garden

Euro 25,00 - четвер (Trasferimenti A/R + Ingresso + Guida)(Guide: Italian)   ●  Only with reservation.

Prelevamento in albergo e trasferimento in Bus ai giardini. La Villa era la residenza Sir William Walton considerato uno dei più grandi compositori inglesi del ventesimo secolo, è stata trasformata in un bellissimo giardino botanico dalla moglie Susana di origine argentina.



щоденний - Зворотня подорож Euro 18,50 - діти Euro 11,20

виліт з Казамиччола прийти Прочида 07:10 – 09:45 – 13:50 – 17:40
виліт з Прочида прийти Казамиччола 09:10 – 13:15 – 17:05 – 19:45


п'ятниця - [Half Day] - Euro 25,00 (діти <10 years € 15,00)(Guide: Italian - English)Only with reservation.

Pick up from your Hotel at 15:00 p.m. circa. The basic principles of volcanism and the different manifestations on the planet Earth directly illustrated by a professional geologist in one of the most active craters in the Vesuvius area. At first, you will climb on one of the four crater’s sides until you reach the top to admire the characteristic shape and then descend to the centre of the volcanic crater. Through the path that leads to the fumaroles, you will learn how to recognize all the different volcanic rocks (including the rare obsidian), analysing the main features such as weight, colour, density, hardness. You will reach the area of the fumaroles, that is the section where you can mainly perceive the preexisting volcanic activity. There, you will observe the rare Cyperus papyrus Rottb which grows only in this area thanks to a rare combination of elements: radon gas, climate, soil and ventilation. The walk through the wood will bring you to a winery with a stunning view over the Gulf of Naples. Compare several techniques of wine production and learn to catch the shades, then taste wine paired with a zero km bruschetta.


середа / четвер - [Half Day] - Euro 30,00 (діти <10 years € 20,00)(Guide: Italian - English)Only with reservation.

The tour starts at 9:30 and at 14:30 from the CocoGelo Caffè. A cultural snorkeling tour among the archaeological ruins of the ancient Roman city of Aenaria. First, you will watch a video about the restoration of the underwater archaeological ruins of a Roman settlement, which sank because of a big natural event, and the biological researches carried out on the underwater emissions of volcanic gas. Then, together with a biologist and a Skin-diver snorkeling guide, you will prepare the necessary equipment to sail. Once on the boat, which will stay close for safety purpose, you will reach the several snorkeling routes. The first one will be an archaeological route to admire some of the submerged ruins and to enter into an authentic Nymphaeum of the Roman age. The second one will be a biological route, to discover the most important species living in the Mediterranean sea that reproduce themselves in the Protected Marine Area. You will end your tour swimming through a huge natural Jacuzzi, thanks to the underwater emissions of CO2 due to the high volcanic activity - this area is subject of research of biologists from all over the world.

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